The team


Andrew Coleman

Andrew Coleman is an environmental planner from Brighton, currently working for the Environment Agency. He’s been surfing since the early 1980s and was a director and local representative for Surfers Against Sewage in the 90s.

Andrew provides environmental and planning advice to the museum. He is involved in the Green Party and loves cycling, Fulham FC and real ale.

Most of his spare time is spent with his wife and young daughter.

Kevin Cook (Chairman)

‘Cookie’ made his first surfboard whilst at school in 1968, and has been surfing ever since. He was a teacher of PE, Languages and ICT for over 30 years at Ilfracombe Arts College (Ilfracombe Academy).

Kevin has played a big part in lifesaving at a national level, and at his home beach of Woolacombe in North Devon. He developed & monitored the surf coaching scheme at the former British Surfing Association and is now involved in its replacement Surfing GB.

He feels particularly proud to have been in the middle of the North Devon surfing scene when board development was at its peak in the 1970s & 80s. As a Trustee, Cookie plans to bring some “ancient background knowledge” to the Museum of British Surfing as it moves into an exciting new phase.

Richard Gregory

Richard Gregory is a founding sponsor of the Museum of British Surfing and contributed design and strategic support from the first exhibition in 2004 until he was made Chairman of Trustees in 2009, a position he held for 3 years.

Richard runs a company called Kind Design with his partner Zoe and has also established wavedreamer as a portal for his own quirky video portraits of surfing in the UK. He has been a director of Surfers Against Sewage since 1998.

Also a passionate gardener, Richard believes that growing food is a political activity and is Chair of Woolacombe Allotments and Garden Association.

Paul Knowles

Paul is a pioneer surfer from Kent on England’s South-East coast, surfing his home breaks, the Sussex coast and making the long trip in his Ford Poplar car over to Cornwall on ‘surfari’ from the mid 1960s. He is a true enthusiast of British surfing history & has been a long term supporter of the Museum of British Surfing.

He’s a dedicated family man with a passion for his 1960s VW Combi ‘Bear’ – plus he shapes his own range of wooden skateboards under the Grizbee label. Paul has run surfing history exhibitions on the Kent coast, helping to promote the museum and raise awareness of our surf heritage.

Greg Martin

Greg Martin from Penzance grew up in Somerset and has been surfing on and off for 20 years – he is a former Editor at Wavelength, Europe’s longest running surf magazine.

After a career in PR & marketing, Greg left his job to follow a dream of becoming a surf photographer. After freelancing for Wavelength Magazine, he took the helm as Editor of Pitpilot surf magazine for 2 years, during which time he saw circulation increase after giving the magazine a makeover.

He left Pitpilot to join the team at Wavelength as Managing Editor, eventually becoming Editor at the beginning of 2011. Following a complete redesign and redirection of Wavelength at the start of 2012, Greg saw the circulation increase, bucking the trend of surf magazines in the current economic climate.

Maggie Gladwell (Treasurer)

Maggie Gladwell says she’s honoured to become a Trustee of the Museum of British Surfing and believes the charity is very important to the future of surfing in Britain, as so much can be learned from the past.

Her love of surfing and its culture started in 1974 and continues to the present day. Maggie has been a key player in the surfing industry since the 1980s with experience in both manufacturing and retail – she hopes to bring this knowledge to the museum to help it flourish in future years.

Maggie has witnessed the massive growth in surfing since the Eighties in Britain and says it is vital this history is recorded for us all to enjoy now and in the future.



Peter Robinson

Pete Robinson is the founder and director of the Museum of British Surfing, and an award-winning former ITV news reporter & senior manager for the national television broadcaster. He is employed on a part time basis, and volunteers the rest of his time.

With a passion for investigation and surfing history he has uncovered remarkable evidence of Britain’s love affair with surfing dating back as far as 1769.

He donated his massive surf heritage collection to the charity “as a gift for future generations to enjoy”.

Supported by his wife Bianca, Pete began researching British surfing history in 1997 and started the surfing museum in 2003. He established it as a Registered Charity in 2009, with a strong environmental and educational focus.


We are always interested in hearing from people who would like to offer their time, skills and knowledge to help with the development of the Museum of British Surfing.

Current volunteers include: Robert Falvey, Nigel Tinsley-Such; Annie Davies; Andy Webb; Simon Swallow; Steve Mold; Mark King; Andi Pratt; Naomi Gold; Annette Dutton; Jeff Witts, Ella Veillett, Andy Wright.

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