Bill Bailey surfboard restored

News: Donor delighted with conservation of his rare surfboard

added to the website on Jun 13, 2014

The owner of a rare Bill Bailey surfboard that he donated to the Museum of British Surfing was stunned to see the conservation work carried out by volunteers to reveal its original condition. The ‘Malibu’ board is the only one of its type known to survive, and is on display in the current British surfing ……»

News: Visitor donates rare 1960s Bill Bailey surfboard

added to the website on Jun 22, 2013

One of the earliest fibreglass surfboards shaped by a Brit in the 1960s has been donated by a visitor to the Sixties SURFER! exhibition at the Museum of British Surfing. The decal reads ‘Custom Bailey Malibu SURF-BOARDS NEWQUAY’, showing it is one of the boards made between c1962 & ’64 by the man described by ……»