Your surfing museum needs you!

The Museum of British Surfing has launched a new appeal today for people to join its volunteer team, and to donate old surf equipment to help expand the charity’s collection – see the full poster below.

The ‘your surfing museum needs you’ campaign is based on the famous World War I poster featuring Lord Kitchener, and has been design by our graphics volunteer James Round. Our poster features one of Britain’s true surfing heros – Major Nigel Oxenden MC who set up Europe’s first surf club in 1923. Major Oxenden was awarded the MC twice for bravery during the First World War.

The national registered charity based in Braunton, North Devon is looking for volunteers for its front of house operations, collections management, events and research.

The museum’s collection is already pretty amazing, but what we’ve been trying to do is find at least one example of each British shaper’s work – plus of course all the associated surf and beach gear from the last 100 years or more! There are still key items that we’re looking for, and if you’re able to make a donation it will become a lasting legacy of your own surfing history – when items go on display we tell our visitors who gave the item and where possible the story behind it.

At present you can see our fantastic new exhibition Sixties SURFER! – it explores the decade when modern surfing culture first arrived in Britain and shows the most complete collection of 1960s British surfboards ever seen in one place. It is also 50 years since the first surf shop opened in St Ives, Cornwall.

If you have something you would like to donate, or if you’d like to join our volunteer please get in touch.



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