Our Mission

The Museum of British Surfing is a national registered charity preserving our surfing heritage and culture, celebrating current achievements and helping to shape the future of surfing in Great Britain.

We aim to inspire, educate and encourage debate about our surfing culture and our second home – the sea.

The formal charitable objects of the Museum of British Surfing are to:

  • Advance education in the history and development of surfing in Britain
  • Establish a museum for the exhibition and preservation of items of educational, cultural & historic value
  • Promote art, music and film for public benefit through exhibitions, displays and events

In addition, we are committed to promoting the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment, and aim to encourage participation in surfing and coastal activities to promote healthy lifestyles. Our charity believes it is important to make a difference in the area where we live and work, and are seeking to make a positive contribution to our local community especially in working with young people to provide new opportunities and experiences

Our sustainability

The Museum of British Surfing has adopted a Sustainability Policy for its trustees and volunteers to work to. As part of this our team are regularly monitoring environmental performance as we work towards becoming carbon neutral.

Museum of British Surfing Sustainability Policy

Vision: The Museum will strive to have a positive environmental and social impact. It will aim for carbon neutrality in its operations, to enhance the North Devon Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and to enrich people’s lives through its activities. It will comply with all relevant laws. It will use any financial surplus to further its charitable aims.

Objectives and Targets:

Energy and Resources:

  • To be carbon neutral in 10 years. We will use energy efficient fixtures and fittings in our buildings, buy 100% renewable electricity and aim to reduce emissions from our use of transport. To reduce carbon emissions by 10% / annum (2012/13 baseline.
  • To be waste neutral in 5 years. We will use the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ hierarchy and buy products made from recycled materials. To reduce waste by 20%/annum (2014/15 baseline).
  • To minimise water use. We will encourage efficient water use and recycling.


  • To minimise emissions to air, land and water.

Suppliers and Customers

  • To buy greener materials, equipment, products and services. We will use more environmentally friendly suppliers and encourage them to adopt environmental policies and management systems. We will use BREEAM guidelines for construction specifications.
  • To encourage our customers to adopt environmentally friendly practices and adopt a Green Travel Plan.

Global and Local Environment

  • To improve the local environment through supporting the North Devon Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • To adapt to climate change. The Museum building and operations will be resilient and adaptable to the effects of climate change.

Social Wellbeing

  • To provide access for all. We will provide education about surf history, surfing, beach and ocean environmental issues to people regardless of age, gender and disability.
  • To work with disadvantaged young people in partnership with organisations including Devon Youth Services.

Implementation of the Policy

Trustees will develop a management system to help implement the Policy. This will include measuring progress against the Policy objectives.

The Board of Trustees will have overall responsibility to ensure that this Policy is effectively applied and to approve resources, strategic priorities and policy changes.

The trustees shall submit an annual report on policy implementation. It will contain recommendations for any remedial action needed to meet targets and any other recommendations for reviewing the policy.

All trustees and volunteers will understand and comply with this Policy.

Green Travel Plan

The Museum of British Surfing is committed to reducing our environmental impact. We encourage all visitors, our staff and volunteers to use ‘green’ or sustainable transport wherever possible.

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