Surfing GB

2011 - Surf GB is started

2011 starts with a new body to take its place – Surfing GB – that hopes to shape the nation’s surging future for generations to come

Big wave surfing came of age off the coast of Britain and Ireland with 50 foot swells being ridden. Breaks like Mullagmore in Northern Ireland making global surfing history with surfers like Andrew Cotton, Gabe Davies and Al Meenie taking on monster waves in perilous conditions.

You can only imagine what Captain James Cook would have thought today if he sailed up the east coast of England to his native Yorkshire, only to see some rubber-clad soul pulling into a thick brown barrel.

Who knows where it will all lead. But when you pick up your modern surfboard and paddle out for just one more wave, remember the decades of surfers who went before you and make up the proud heritage that has made suiting in the UK what it is today