2000s - Surfing in the 2000s

Today we have a flourishing Surf Scene with stars like Russell Winter, Robyn Davies and Sam Bleakley who tour the world competing – and tens of thousands of ordinary people (no true surfers are ‘ordinary’) surfing on every coast of Britain whenever there’s a hint of a wave.

Now in the 21st Century it’s a multi million pound industry, as the marketing men push the lifestyle image of surfing to the limits. In Britain today you can hardly switch on the TV, tum the corner of a street, or the page of a mainstream publication, without seeing some sort of representation of surfing.

Surfboards now come into the country from major Shapers all over the world, but hidden in surfing communities all over Britain small ‘backyard’ businesses still make boards lo keep their local surfers in the water.

Around Britain, names like Tiki, Gulf Stream, Nine Plus, Custard Point, Fluid Juice, Snugg and

Second Skin are just a handful of the British companies at the forefront of keeping a hungry home market supplied with the latest surfboards and wetsuits.

Retro is the new cool, with surfers delving back into the sport’s past for inspiration to take them to new levels of stoke. As with so much in our modern lives, whats old is new again, and so we turn full circle (a nice roundhouse cutback perhaps).