1976 Surf-Champ Pinball Machine now at the Museum of British Surfing

Here at the Museum of British Surfing we try to cover all aspects of surfing as a sport, hobby and lifestyle.

We have an original 4 player electro-mechanical Surf Champ pinball machine from 1976 with period surfing artwork.

It was made by D. Gotlieb & Sons in the USA who exported them worldwide. There were only 2700 of these machines made and are highly sort after.

You won’t get many chances to be able to play one of these machines so why not come along and visit the Museum of British Surfing, play pinball and earn your place on the leader board. It’s a perfect way to while away your time after looking around the other awesome new exhibits in the museum.

Have you got the skills to become the 2019 champion?

We are open 11am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday throughout March.