School visits the Museum of British Surfing

More than sixty pupils from Kingsacre Primary

in Braunton visited the Museum of British Surfing for the first time today.

The youngsters from years 3 and 4 were carrying out special class projects looking at surfing history, art and the environment – the museum has a section devoted to our local area and tackling the issues of pollution, which was funded by the North Devon Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and supported by Surfers Against Sewage.

Among the work they will be producing are leaflets about the problems of marine litter on British beaches and surfboard art designs.

One of the most popular features of today’s visit was our temporary exhibition for 2012 ‘The Art of Surf’, which shows art in surfing over the last 200 years from the sketches of early explorers to contemporary works.

School visits to the Museum of British Surfing are free, but we ask pupils and teachers to try to arrange a fundraising event to support the work of our charity. Please get in touch if you would like to book your school in for a visit.