UK’s Possibly Oldest Surfboard held at the Museum of British Surfing

We are stoked and honoured at the Museum of British Surfing to be able to exhibit what could well be the UK’s oldest surfboard and an amazing and significant piece in the history of British surfing.

The Kiko’o surfboard was shaped from a redwood shipping crate, is 104” x 15 1/2” and weighs in at 26lbs.

We have lots of history and provenance to go with the board, which you can read when you come to view it, but with some questions that still need answering. Can you help?

Who was Jock?
Given the accuracy of design, was this board shaped by copying a Hawaiian board, perhaps on board a merchant ship visiting Hawaii?
Where was it surfed on in the UK?
How did it get to London?

If you can help answer any of these questions, let us know.

The board has been very generously loaned to the Museum of British Surfing by Alex Williams.

Come along to the Museum of British Surfing in 2019 and see this and other great exhibits telling the story of the rich heritage and culture of British surfing.