Unique M C Escher surfboard goes into surf museum art show

David Forsyth of Driftwood Surfboards in Cornwall has kindly loaned a stunning hand-crafted longboard inspired by the work of renowned artist M.C. Escher.

It took David around three months to create this beauty, which is now the centrepiece of our 2012 exhibition ‘The Art of Surf’, displaying 200 years of art in surfing.

The Escher board is hollow construction following the tradition of the late surf innovator Tom Blake, brought bang up-to-date using computer aided design (CAD) technology.

The deck features 2,000 individual reptiles cut out and pieced together like a jigsaw – each has 24 carat gold inlaid eyes! Paua and mother of pearl are used for the logos, with gold leaf pin lines. The surfboard is shaped from driftwood, giving this reclaimed timber a new life and the fins are hand foiled from lacewood.

David had to gain permission from the M.C. Escher Foundation to use the famous lizard design, and it is a truly unique and beautiful piece of art – as well as being a fully functional modern longboard. We really stoked to have it on display over the summer at the award-winning Museum of British Surfing in Braunton, North Devon.



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