Learn About the Rich History of British Lifesaving at the Museum of British Surfing

The holiday season is coming up and the beaches will once again be patrolled by the lifeguards.

Our chairman, Kevin Cook, has been involved in lifesaving and beach safety for much of his life and loaned this Surfline Rescue Paddleboard to the Museum of British Surfing.

It was made in 1986 by John Hall at his factory in Wrafton and was glassed by Alan Neighbour.

Long wide surfboards with plenty of flotation and extra handles were the ideal rescue craft for lifeguards on surf coasts. This board is more of a hybrid, offering the opportunity for it to be used not only for rescue purpose, but also for racing in competitions run by the Surf Life Saving Association of Great Britain.

The construction is of polystyrene foam glassed with epoxy resin to keep it lightweight. An interesting innovation is the early use of carbon fibre on the deck to provide extra strength.

Come along to the Museum of British Surfing and learn more about the role that surf lifesaving has in the rich history and culture of British surfing.

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