Legendary shaper’s family visit surfing pioneers exhibition

A group of special visitors from Australian dropped-in at the Museum of British Surfing today to see our new UK surfing pioneers exhibition ‘The First Wave’ – and got a big surprise!

Nicola & Sofala Hall are the daughter & granddaughter of the legendary shaper John Hall who lived and worked in North Devon in the 1970s. They were amazed to find on display one of the boards John made for Braunton based Tiki in 1975 (see photo).

The family first heard about the surfing museum from a friend who read about us in a newspaper while travelling on the Metro is Sydney, Australia. John Hall was one of a group of Australians living around Braunton and Croyde in the 1970s who were creating the latest in the new shortboard designs.

Nicola says her dad plans to visit in September, so we’re looking forward to putting on a party to celebrate.